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Two hundred years of history, excellent opportunities for personal growth, more than one thousand students, an inclusive and welcoming environment, an innovative, laboratory style methodology, attentive to the needs of each and every student. 

Uccellis is a quality, state school located in a prestigious building in the heart of Udine which once hosted the monastery of Saint Chiara. All grades of school are offered from Primary School to First Level Secondary School, while at High School level students can choose from between the European Classical High School, International Scientific High School (with Chinese), Human Sciences High School and Dance High School.

With constant growth over the years, the Institute is unique  in the educational panorama of the region for many reasons.  Rich in history and tradition, it promotes a European dimension to education for all students, and at all levels. Students do not simply learn basic, traditional knowledge, but also acquire the more innovative skills required in our rapidly evolving society.

Learning levels are high, and in foreign languages excellent.  There are many growth opportunities for youngsters from every age group. Projects like work placement projects in Italy and abroad, cultural and linguistic exchanges, modules and workshops in collaboration with the university, educational trips, trips to cities of art, sporting competitions and recreational activities all aim to enhance our students. 

The boarding school, which hosts almost three hundred male and female students, is among the biggest in Italy and has a long history of welcoming foreign students, mainly from Austria and Germany. 

  • HIGH SCHOOL: European Classical High School, International Scientific High School (with Chinese), Human Sciences High School and Dance High School


An inclusive school which accompanies pupils step by step in the learning process, while respecting the different times and learning styles of each individual. Afternoons are included in the timetable which extends over six days of the week. Numerous curricular and extra-curricular activities are offered to enrich the learning experience. 


The timetable includes afternoons and extends over six days of the week.  English and German are taught and lessons are enriched with “conversation” (lessons with native speakers); preparation for certification exams is provided, original teaching methods are favored and there are lots of extra curricular activities from which students can choose, ranging from dance to sports to Chinese language classes. Not only basic knowledge is taught, but also more innovative skills, like IT and group work. It is a quality school which gives students the time and the space to experiment, be curious and learn. 


Excellence in class

The curriculum of the European Classical High School combines a European ethos with classical studies (Greek and Latin) and the subjects specific to the Italian Liceo. As well as offering a sound preparation in economics and civics, the school is renowned for the study of English and German. Three subjects are studied in a foreign language: History in German, Science in English, Geography in English or in German, in accordance with the programs of studies. Those who study in the International Study Program also have the opportunity to obtain both the Italian and the   German School Leaving Certificate.

The extensive curriculum of the European Classical High School is supported by an integrated learning environment based on pupil-centered approach, laboratory work and high flexibility. This methodology allows students to excel, not only in humanistic and scientific subjects, but also in the linguistic field where courses lead to prestigious qualifications: C.A.E. for English, Sprachdiplom for German, C.E.L.I. for Italian,  I.G.C.S.E and I.T. certifications.

The Ippocrate Project, with an emphasis on STEM disciplines, was introduced in recent years and is aimed at those with a particular interest in continuing their studies in the areas of Chemistry and Biology or Medicine and Health Care spheres. 

A look to The East

This five year course, unique in the Region, offers Chinese as  a curricular subject. Students are accompanied step by step in learning the language, which in turn reveals the wealth of this ancient culture. The strong point of the course is the focus on Mandarin, but ample attention is paid to the history of literature, the history and geography of Asia and everything regarding the Far East. STEM subjects are highlighted and are taught with a particular focus on laboratory style activity.  Science subjects are taught through the medium of English, while Geography is partly taught through English and partly through Chinese.  

Students can sit prestigious international certification exams including  H.S.K for Chinese, C.A.E for English, C.E.L.I for Italian and IGCSE and IT certifications.

Tradition and Experimentation

The Human Sciences High School offers a learning experience which ranges from pedagogy and psychology to sociology and anthropology. Rich in history and tradition, the course unites classroom based lessons with laboratory style activities and original projects in a unique educational experience which aims to enhance the cognitive style of each individual student.  Numerous opportunities are offered to students, including preparation courses for IT and language certification exams. 

Uccellis is one of the few schools nationally, and the only in the Region, that has activated an experimental four year course. The project, chosen by the Ministry for the wealth of the content and innovative methodology, permits students to reach the same objectives as the traditional five year course in only four years. Teaching is flexible, personalized, interactive and functional.

Focus on talent

Divided into two distinct course – Classical Dance and Modern Dance – the Dance High School is for students who want to learn the language of dance from the aspect of interpretation, execution andperformance. It is not only a technical practical type of learning, but also studies the role that music and dance have had in the history and culture of our country.

At the end of the five year cycle, students have a solid High School preparation and a diploma which is the basic entry requirement to any university course. The best students can apply for admission to ’Alta Formazione Artistica Musicale.



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